Testimonials: Hydration

"Hi From NYC... I Was in Florida several years back and greatly under estimated the power of the sun down there. I was at a street fair and so red that you saw me from a block away. You felt so bad for me that you called me over and gave me some "Hydration" to try and take home. Used as directed, the pain of the burn went away by that night and looked tan by the next afternoon. This stuff is the real deal. Thanks Again for your help that day.

PS. I'm ordering 2 this time because my sister, who is prone to sun poisioning, tried it the other day with exactly the same result and wants one also.. Again Thank You! Great product.

E. Vasquenz

"I purchased your Hydration Now at the St. Petersburg Crawfish Festival a couple of years ago to use on a painful sunburn. It worked wonders... but after that application I put it in my medicine cabinet and never touched it again; it's labeled for "Immediate Burn Relief" and I haven't suffered any burns.

However, I recently developed a few dry patches on my fingers that resemble eczema, but without the itching. A dermatologist told me they are not contagious and not a problem unless they start to give me trouble, and to ignore them. They are, however, unsightly, especially since I'm a massage therapist and I work on bare skin with my bare hands. I tried several things including tea tree oil and some high-end skin rejuvenators, but nothing helped until I noticed your product, sitting neglected and forlorn, on my shelf.

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Although my dry patches are not completely gone, they are much softer and less visible. Hydration Now is the only product that has any effect on them, and if you are not labeling the product for combating such dry patches you are missing a major market.

Robert Sterling
St. Petersburg, FL

"I'm hooked on Hydration Therapy. I first discovered the Abikeline at the Richmond Folk Festival in October. I was killing time before the music started in the vendor area. I was reading the various material at the table and will admit I was skeptical. I mentioned that I had dry, cracked skin on my hands and finger tips. Lisa said I have just the thing. She gave me a sample and started to tell me about the product. I told her if my skin felt better I'd come back when the music was over and buy some. I stood around chatting and I just kept working the product into my skin. I didn't wait to come back. I bought Hydration Therapy for me and Emu Oil and Black Soap for my wife right there on the spot.

I use the Hydration Therapy a couple of times a day. My skin is not dry and cracking. I love it so much I sought Lisa out at the St. Pete Saturday Market to get some more while visiting relatives in Tampa over the Christmas Holiday. Sure I could have ordered online but I wanted to see Lisa and tell her how much I enjoy the product. I even pitched to a couple of skeptics while standing around her booth.

I used to use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Skin Cream. I won't be using that any longer. This does a far better job and costs significantly less when you realize just how concentrated it is.

Jim R. of West Virginia