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"The reason why I must give this a 5 star is because for about 6 months or so not sure how long. I have been using this products on my lovely 7 yr old daughter and myself. We love how awesome our skin feels and looks after using your shea butter. It is also great to use after being out in the sun. Our skin is so soft and the skin just eats up the shea butter. I love it so much I have a ton of family members hooked too. Yes this is my must in my wardrobe of skin products."


"Hi From NYC... I Was in Florida several years back and greatly under estimated the power of the sun down there. I was at a street fair and so red that you saw me from a block away. You felt so bad for me that you called me over and gave me some "Hydration" to try and take home. Used as directed, the pain of the burn went away by that night and looked tan by the next afternoon. This stuff is the real deal. Thanks Again for your help that day.

PS. I'm ordering 2 this time because my sister, who is prone to sun poisioning, tried it the other day with exactly the same result and wants one also.. Again Thank You! Great product.

E. Vasquenz

"OMG!!!! You are truly a God send. I stumbled across Abike Natural at a wine festival. I bought a bar of the soap for my daughter's eczema. I was unsure of the product; have heard about a lot of "natural" products. I had a friend test it out for me. After a week's time, his face should a 360 degree improvement. I was "floored". I immediately went to the website and ordered a 5 bar pack. I gave one to my daughter. Her eczema is practically nonexistent. She also was given the steroid creams. My mother used one on her face and body. Her dermatologist stated that she didn't need to come and see him no time soon. I also love the Sunshine scent of shea butter."

De Chandra

No Problem!!! I love your products. I have been using your products for over a year. I use the 100% shea butter almost everywhere. I own a housekeeping business and over use of my shoulders give me pain sometimes. Every night right before bed I rub shea butter into my shoulders and upper arms. I have no pain any more!! I also use is it on my feet (amazing) no longer have dry feet. I rub it in my hands and everywhere else. I also use emu oil, mainly under my eyes and lips. Very little needed and it will last about 6 months. I have seen a difference with my eyes. They seem brighter and tighter. My teenagers use black soap for their acne. My son had really bad cystic acne. We had him on accutane for 6 months. The medicine worked, now the black soap really helps keep his skin healthy. So little is needed. I actually do have to order more.

I have also turned my family onto your products. Mom uses shea butter for the arthritis in her knees, loves it!!!! Really helps with arthritis and muscle pain. My Dad has diabetes and uses it on his feet. Keeps the skin moist and his feet don't hurt as much as they used to. My sisters and their families use shea butter and black soap.

Oh, one more!!! INSECT bites...Mosquitoes and fire ants (I live in Florida) take the itch away immediately!!!

I really do love your products.

Marianne Nielsen
Orlando, Florida

"I use the black soap and shea butter. A girlfriend told me about the product and I have been using it for months. Since I turned 40, my skin has been extremely sensitive to any soap or lotions and I was prone to daily breakouts so I decided to go the nature route. To-date, the soap and shea have helped my skin feel clean and smooth and those breakouts have been drastically reduced."

Cassandra Clark

Dear Lisa
My sister was using your products for some time. When our mother came to Florida to visit her, she had just finished physical therapy on her knee. She had pain and was limping. My sister gave her some Shea Butter to use on her knee. She felt relief in days. When she got home she mentions this to my husband. I order the Shea Butter for his knee. He has knee pain form arthritis and he now uses it everyday and has virtually no more pain. He then started using it on his hands. He had a very bad case of psoriasis and nothing helped, not even a prescription from his doctor. His knuckles were a mess they had hard scales on them which were always cracking and bleeding. To his surprise the Shea Butter has help him. I also have some psoriasis on my right knee and elbow so I started using the Shea Butter and my psoriasis is under control. Tried it on razor bumps, in the bikini area, and I no longer have bumps. I have then started using the Black Soap, which is the most amazing soap. I use it daily, in the shower; I have soft and moisturized skin. I live in the northeast and dry skin is an annual occurrence in the winter, but not by me anymore. I also enjoy an occasional soaking bath with the Dead Sea Salts, I LOVE the relaxation after a hard day. I have bought the Black Soap and Shea Butter for my daughter-in-law for her acne, she is pregnant and the doctor took her off her medication in fear of birth defects, and she has her acne under control and her Dermatologist was both surprise and happy with the results. I have shared your products with other family members and have not heard anything negative only praises. My family will use your products forever. Thank you for the results we ALL are enjoying.

Jackson, NJ

"I've been using Black Soap, for three months and I am a loyal customer. No other soap I've ever used has made me feel as clean as this black soap. I use it to wash my hair as well. My skin has cleared up dramatically in three months. My skin is naturally dry and I have "dark spots" like many women of color. They are gradually fading and my skin now has a healthy glow. I also use Shea Butter all over. It is great for elbows, knees, feet, and I also use it in my hair for the dryness. I am very pleased with these products. The fact that they are "all natural," it makes me feel good using products that are also good for you."

J. Hayott

"My cousin from DC shared this product with me! How exciting! Please keep me on a mailing list, email, if you have one. What product do you have that fades blemishes?"

West Hartford, CT

"I was on vacation in Tampa, Florida in July 2004 and happened upon a street fair where your products was being displayed by a friendly and very pleasant young woman. I bought the product and just love it. I love the texture, the smell and the way it makes my skin so soft. I'm glad there is a way for me to continue to purchase. I never want to be without it! Great product!"

Arvada, CO

"I discovered your product line at a beach stand in Tampa FL, and I'm addicted! I love this stuff!"

Rockville, MD

"Thanks for having such great products. Glad to see that you are up and running. Stay Blessed."

Dale City, VA

"Love this product! Thank you very much!"

Barboursville, VA