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We developed "The Hydration Line" for those who are in need of a deep penetrating moisturizer. Initially, a few cancer patients who were looking for a moisturizer that had more penetrating properties than raw shea butter inspired it.

Chemotherapy and radiation treatment tend to cause extreme dry skin and in some cases burning and thinning of the skin. This is the best time to use an unscented natural product to aid with the skin's healing process.

Hydration Therapy is recommended for those with extreme dry skin from eczema, psoriasis and chemotherapy treatment.

Loc Hydration is a natural blend of shea butter, black seed and other rich oils and ingredients to stimulate hair growth and keep your hair strong and hydrated. We offer it in Unscented and Loc Love (Lavender & Rosemary). Try a natural nurturing alternative without chemicals and heavy oils (mineral oil i.e. petroleum jelly) that will clog your pores.

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Product Image Item Name- Price
4 oz Hydration Therapy

4 oz Hydration Therapy


8 oz Hydration Therapy

8 oz Hydration Therapy