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About Us

In the year 2000 I visited a nutritionist, who advised me to make some changes in my lifestyle. I started by changing my diet, eating more healthy foods. Soon afterwards, I made a connection with my skin. I discovered that it is just as important to use natural products on my skin as it is to eat properly.

After months of research, I began importing certain natural product ingredients from Africa, for my own personal use. I created some products and began sharing them with all of my friends, especially the health-conscious ones. (I always share new health information with my friends.) They began to share this information with their friends and family, and so on and so on.

In June 2001, I created The Abike Line, starting with two unscented products: shea butter and alata soft soap. My first customers were health nuts. I found that the average person with no interest in natural skin care would not purchase my products. Shea butter was viewed like certain foods -- it didn't matter that it was good for you; it just did not "smell good." I would ask, "Would you like a sample of shea butter?" Seventy percent of those folk had no idea what shea butter was. Of the remaining thirty percent, five percent said they would buy it, and twenty-five percent would say, "Oh no, that stuff smells funny!"

Let the Mixing Begin . . .

Throughout the years, I have developed many different natural skin care products. I began to blend combinations of essential oils with natural carrier oils. What I have discovered is that some blends possess therapeutic values and medicinal benefits.

I test market all new products for about three to five months, giving samples to customers and then waiting for a response. The result eight years later is a full line of natural skin care products I named The Abike Line. I have traveled from Niagara Falls to Miami Beach and as far southwest as Houston to promote The Abike Line.

From head-to-toe, from babies to grandmas, from soft skin to "alligator" skin, The Abike Line has a product for you! All of the products are one hundred percent natural with no chemicals added. And, every jar and bottle is mixed and hand-poured with pure love!

The Abike Line - a great place to find your natural skin care products.